Demonstrating the main leads of Pega Sales Automation

Pega Sales automation is the process of manual, slow, and time-consuming tasks in the sales process so the sales team can focus more on selling than administrating. It merges analytic process management and business process management capabilities.

Pega Sales Automation provides thoughtful, real-time sales direction, process automation from lead to realization. The ability to quickly adapt Pega Sales Automation exists in sales processes to keep up with changes in the market.

In Pega Sales Automation, you can simplify and optimize the sales process across:

  1. Multiple business units
  2. Products
  3. Team members
  4. Territories
  5. Accounts are dynamically adaptable to each specialized circumstance.

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Pega Sales automation is the process of manual, slow, and time-consuming tasks in the sales process so your sales team can focus less on admin and more on selling.

Importing the Pega Sales Automation application package

  • It includes an application package that is used to demonstrate the application features.
  • Following data types and tools:
  1. Sample data for organizations
  2. Accounts
  3. Contacts
  4. Leads
  5. Opportunities
  6. Sales teams engagement maps
  7. Tasks utilities
  • To reset the sample data Pega Web Mashup gadget for leads Sample vendor information to demonstrate the creation of contacts from business cards To import the sample application package.

Automating Digital Sales:

There are five specific areas that corporations ought to examine to automatize their digital sales processes completely. These key areas define the parts of a made digital sales management transformation, taking a corporation from a manual process to automatic management.

  1. Automatic promoting desires Assessments for consumer Prospecting: it generates important contact with prospects. These essential conversations with prospective purchasers will automatically promote desired estimates.
  2. They are promoting Automation: promoting to reach important automation for putting together relationships and saving time.
  3. Pipeline Management: To eliminate the manual knowledge approach and establish communication in your organization by combining the sales pipeline to track and manage opportunities inside one natural dashboard.
  4. Lead Tracking: tracks prospective and engagement along with businesses mechanically following the lead sales and reaching out.
  5. Order Management: Fulfillment groups want a channel to manage/approve sales orders seamlessly while not pursuing salespeople down for order statuses.

Importing the sample application package

You must import the sample application and the sample data it contains into the Pega Platform instance, including the Pega Sales Automation code base.

The ZIP file of the CRM sample jar file includes Rule-Application: The rules related to the sample implementation are in the ruleset.

  1. Apply to the Platform by listing the administrator credentials for your implementation.
  2. On Top look on the bar select Configure > Application > Distribution > Import.
  3. For the CRM jar file, you have to Browse and select the file from the sample folder of distribution media.
  4. Click Next, after the file is uploaded.
  5. Log in to the application after entering the admin credentials, then log out of the Pega Platform.
  6. On Top look on the bar select Configure > Application > Distribution > Import.
  7. Click Choose File and browse for the CRM sample jar file from the Sample folder on your distribution media.
  8. Then check whether the file is uploaded or not, if yes click next to do further process.

Verifying the sample application package

  • To verify that the sample package installs correctly.
  • Log in to Pega Sales Automation and confirm the presence of sample data for accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, sales teams, engagement maps, and tasks.
  • To verify data in the sales portal, complete the following steps:
  1. Enter Admin credentials for the operating session.
  2. Click on a menu item to confirm the data’s presence from the sales portal navigation pane.
  • For example, to confirm the presence of sample data, click on Opportunities
  • The list of sample opportunities should display in the Opportunity screen.

Resetting the sample data

  • Pega Sales Automation needs the info to be within the current section or at intervals the six months that rests straight off before this date.
  • You can update the default periods for reset data utility so that the data displays on your dashboards and forecasts.
  1. Log in to the application after entering the admin credentials, then log out of the Pega Platform
  2. Press web interface to launch> then choose sales automation for Sales Ops.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Tools.
  4. Click Reset Sample Data.
  • When you run the Reset Sample Data utility, the application invokes an activity rule to compare the sample periods that provide the current system date.
  • Realizing these periods forms a progressive system setting in PSA stores, verifying the sample’s data finish date.

Generating timeline data for sample contacts

It generates timeline data for the sample contacts after resetting the AI data.

  1. Enter the credentials of the administrator to operate.
  2. Press web interface to launch > Sales Automation for Sales Ops.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Tools.
  4. Click Populate Customer Movie.
  5. On the Execute Populate Customer Movie dialog box, in the Populate for a field, select one of the following options:
  6. If you choose the “select ALL” option, it produces data for all sample contacts.
  7. If you choose the “Select One” option, it produces a specific sample contact.
  8. It prompts you to enter a Contact ID.
  9. Click OK.

Resetting the artificial intelligence data

  • If you activate Pega Sales Automation adaptive models for artificial intelligence (AI), it resets AI data utility in the application.
  • It displays AI data for your leads, opportunities, and dashboards.
  • Pega Sales Automation adaptive models for artificial intelligence training:
  1. Log in to the application after entering the admin ID credentials, then logout of the Pega Platform.
  2. Click web interface to launch > Sales Automation for Sales Ops.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Tools.
  4. Click Reset AI Data.

By running the reset AI data utility, the application produces some activities:

  • It is importing the Pega Sales Automation sample data because it maintains unique IDs for sample data.
  • When you update the sample data, you must select the Add or update option in the Purpose field in the Data Import wizard.

Demonstrating lead capture from web forms in the Pega Sales Automation SA Plus sample application

  • Pega Sales Automation includes an application used to illustrate the application’s features.
  • When you use web mashup Pega with PSA, it exposes a section on a customer website to generate leads in the application.
  • Pega web rules are implemented in the Sales Automation Plus application, demonstrating the lead capture from a web form.
  • Configure a gadget using Pega Web Mashup before you can demonstrate.

Five kinds of ways to automate sales save time and sales process:

  1. Lead scoring and prioritization: All leads not to create equal. Some customers are ready to buy today, but some may not be interested in purchasing from you. If you treat each lead the same, you are only wasting your time.
  2. Sales emails and follow-ups: An email is a go-to form of communication for just about any sales professional. Unfortunately, getting a good email sales campaign up and running is difficult when you try to manage dozens of conversations.
  3. Scheduling calls and meetings: A scheduling tool removes the time-absorbing communication that goes into trying to get a meeting or call set-up. Note down your leads and priorities in a calendar. From there, leads and prospects can select a time that works for their schedule.
  4. Lead list building: The list building process does the work for you, where it automates the given sales to a high-quality team and makes them a defined list of people to reach out.
  5. Lead Improvement: It uses online data sources to pull information about your leads and the companies they work. It gives you a list of accurate profiles of individuals who are trying to connect.


Pega Sales Automation optimizes the strength of all sales organizations within the sales lifecycle. It gives computing primarily based steering, method automation from cause fulfillment, and provides business users the pliability to adapt your sales method.

With Pega, insights notice your sales responsibilities and sales managers; you’ll be able to quickly standardize and change the sales method, and supply management with insights across business units, products, team members, geographies, accounts, and channels. You can learn a lot from Pega Training.

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